Andrew Katz

Specializing in Sculpture and Glassware

Sculpture Work

My work is mostly figurative in nature addressing human thirst or desire both physical and emotional.

At lunch in New Orleans, local’s talk about where or what to eat for dinner, and at that dinner, part of the conversation is reserved for what to eat the next day.

My work reflects on the gluttonous physical consumption of food and drink. Food is part of daily living and existence but the importance of food in New Orleans is raised to a higher level.
The use of glass offers an internal perspective and it’s historical reference as a container for consuming. Cast Iron as a material is symbolic of a culinary vessel for cooking but can be used metaphorically to describe a resilient gut. Iron water traps are similar to the human digestive tract in appearance as well as function, after all the sewer system is basically a man-made continuation of the digestive system.

My work is not limited to these materials. I will use any material found or fabricated to further express myself, iron and glass are the building blocks of my work at this time.

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